Imagine that one starts with two groups of one hundred children (fifty boys, fifty girls) who have not been educated in any way. Group one will be dropped in the jungle to fend for themselves: to form their own language, culture, etc. Group two will be trained to live the most fulfilling, self-actualized life possible by leading experts in sociology, gender, and sexuality.  They will benefit from the latest research on transgenderism, the best paradigms for questioning their sexuality, and the newest, most rigorous theories of consent, privilege, and microaggression.

My prediction is that group one will figure out, all on their own, whether they are male or female and how they should behave sexually. They will also figure out soon after reaching puberty that this penis-shaped thing that males have looks like it’s supposed to go in this vagina-shaped thing that females have. I’m fairly certain that a few of them would also participate in acts of homosexual sex, though they wouldn’t respond by making an identity out of it, or inventing leather bars, or by rejecting their gendered behavior.  They will, most of the time, practice sex that we (those of us who are not militant feminists) would recognize as consensual and mutually pleasurable without needing a technical concept of consent or inventing tumblr.

Group two is, of course, the society we are building today.  Unfortunately, we will see how that plays out first hand.  Like in our world, there will be a few thought criminals among that hundred who figure out reality despite the best efforts of their educators. How many out of a hundred would it take to save them?  We will find out soon…  As for group one, imagine how much better they would fare in a real, grown-up civilization that reinforced good behavior and protected the many from the inevitable predatory few.