The last few months have been pretty busy in real life. I apologize for my failure to keep this blog updated. I’ve been keeping up with the reactosphere, and the Alt-right in general, as well as spending some time reading Evola, Faye, and at the moment, Codreanu’s For My Legionaries. I was made aware of Codreanu by Mark Citadel’s blog, and the lessons of this book will inform my series (which I will pick up again soon) about the practice of being a man of the right. In the meantime, I will leave you with an Evola quote about the ideal inner life of such a man:

“Against psychoanalysis we should oppose the ideal of an ego which does not abdicate, and which intends to remain conscious, autonomous, and sovereign in the face of the nocturnal and subterranean part of his soul and the demonic character of sexuality. This ego does not feel either ‘repressed’ or psychotically torn apart, but achieves an equilibrium of all his faculties ordered in accordance with a higher significance of living and acting.”