I haven’t posted here in over a year. Part of the reason for that has been the quantity and excellent quality of so much of the writing in this idea-space. So often, when I think of a topic that needs a good treatment, someone else (Usually Mark Citadel) writes it first and leaves me with little to add. The main reason is even more encouraging though. I have spent the last year interacting in real life with local, high quality, men of the right. It has been an exciting time to be a reactionary, and rise of the Alt-Right in America has been one symptom of a broader right-ward shift of the Overton Window, or at least its right-most edge. The things I have learned by participating in that shift locally and watching it nationally will lead to some exciting posts to come. I have discovered interesting things about the nature of politics and meta-politics, the nature and uses of class/caste, and the practicalities of living a reactionary life and I look forward to exploring them here. There is also interesting work to be done in analyzing the nature of the Alt-Right and its relation to the broader Reactionary world.

One idea that I keep coming back to is the class tension that underlies much of right-wing discourse. The Alt-Right occupies a space between the working and middle classes, and often goes to great lengths to avoid Brahman signaling. At times, it seems to define itself as a “white Working Class” movement, but is has many bourgeois elements as well. I find my own identity to be equally “problematic.” I have an upper middle-class upbringing, from which I often feel alienated, but I do not feel at home in my working class surroundings either. In the writings of Evola and other 20th century luminaries of reaction, a rejection of bourgeois culture and sensibilities has been a central tenet. Where does reaction fit in the twisted landscape of class in America? What of the working class? I would love to see more thought on this issue. I would also love to see more analysis of the “Alt-Right” from some of the more intellectual corners of the reactionary blogosphere.

Another issue that has been on my mind of late is the religious question. I have always been Culturally Christian, but the essentially Jewish nature and origins of Christianity have never sat well with me. I have been writing privately about the Pagan/Christian struggle in my heart and I am retooling some of those explorations for public consumption. Stay tuned.